Gardening for Clean Air

When we walk outside, we expect to breathe clean, fresh air. Yet, it can be difficult to escape pollution created by vehicular traffic: people going from place to place, trucks delivering supplies for us to purchase. Would the air suddenly become cleaner if we made fewer trips by car? During Covid-19, scientists reported drops in emissions and a decrease in fine particulate matter that contribute to air pollution. If we each made one less car trip per week, we could have an impact. For a gardener, less time on the road means more time in the garden! A garden can almost bring time to a halt as we inspect it for growth and interfering weeds and feel the soil to make sure it is moist enough. And when harvest time is here, we simply pull from our garden instead of making one more trip to the store for vegetables. Some plants are even known to help purify the air. Not for human consumption, but indoor spider plants are known for their air purification properties. Outdoors, pollutants in the rain and air will cling to moss. Garden plants will trap excessive dust and debris that is blowing your way, too. A food garden is one more way for us to breathe easy.

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