Let’s Talk Food 2019 – Unconference

design proposal

The Edmonton Food Council is seeking Edmonton-based food and urban agriculture experts, organizations, and community members to participate in Let’s Talk Food 2019.

The event this year will be an “unconference”. An unconference peels away most of what a conference is, and leaves you to chat with the people you want to talk to most, about the things you most want to talk about. At Let’s Talk Food 2019 we’ll be discussing:

What is required to achieve an exemplary food system in the next 10 years in Edmonton”

To learn more about Let’s Talk Food 2019 and the format for this year’s event, click here.

If you’ve got an idea for a food or urban ag project, or you think there is (or there needs to be) a better way to improve Edmonton’s food system, Let’s Talk Food 2019 is the unconference for you.

Check out these videos to learn more!

What is a food system?

What is an Unconference?

Let’s Talk Food 2019. Let’s talk food. Let’s take action.

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