A young butternut tree (aka white walnut) planted in the Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton Mini Orchard. Searchable on Edmonton's Edible Tree Map.

Edmonton’s Edible Fruit Trees Map

The following map is an inventory of publicly accessible fruit trees in the City of Edmonton’s inventory. The data set below is pulled from the City of Edmonton’s open-data catalogue. The full inventory of Edmonton’s trees, including non-fruit bearing plants, can be found here.

The following Edible Fruit Tree Map of Edmonton can be searched by zooming into specific locations or by selecting specific species of fruit trees.

Food Asset Map

The Edible Fruit Tree Map is part of a larger food asset mapping project underway by the Edmonton Food Council. In addition to publicly accessible fruit trees, the final map will contain community gardens, beehives and chicken coops per neighborhood, markets, etc. If you have a suggestion for the Edmonton Food Asset Map, please contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Edible Fruit Tree Map