Unavoidable Food Waste

Food Waste Survey – Sept.27-Oct.11, 2016

Did you know 74% of surveyed residents think food waste is an issue in Edmonton?

The City of Edmonton’s Waste Management Utility has launched an online food waste survey for the public, through Edmonton Insight. This is part of a preliminary research project, which started this summer, to find out about residents’ thoughts and household habits related to food waste. Info from this survey and project will be used in the development of future information resources and education programming, to help residents reduce their household food waste.

The City of Edmonton is working towards diverting up to 90% of waste from landfill (from The Way We Green), and treating food waste as a resource (from fresh: Edmonton’s Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy). Residents are an important part of reducing and diverting waste.

Please help us out by completing the survey, and sharing this info with friends and family.

The survey runs Tues Sept 27 – Tues Oct 11 and takes about 20 min to complete.

Survey Link: https://www.edmontoninsightcommunity.ca/R.aspx?a=1281&as=e8EX6O50Wt

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