Improving our relationship with the food we consume

While, we all depend on food for nutrition and energy; our relationship with food goes beyond its nutritional and caloric values, and enters into how we function within our families, communities and municipalities. In Edmonton, I hope Alberta Health Services can work to improve overall health and wellness. Fundamental to this intent, is the principle of ensuring safety within all that we eat. Our second intent is a want to have stronger communities across Alberta. Stronger communities are more resilient, have sustainability at their core and are comprised of members who support each other. Food, in all of its aspects of: production, processing, distribution & consumption, have sharing and community as central themes.

As the Edmonton Food Council moves forward in the 2014/15 year, I look forward to exploring how we, as a group, can improve our relationship with our local environment and with the food we consume.

– Dr. Christopher Sikora, MD MPH MSc CCFP FRCP(C)
Medical Officer of Health – Edmonton Zone

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